Employee Self Service (ESS)

Employee self-service is a secure online portal that empowers employees and managers to update and review personal data relating to payroll, annual leave, performance, and more. It reduces the heavy administrative burden by automating core HR and payroll tasks.

Employee Kiosk


Significantly reduce your payroll and HR queries with Zambion‘s Employee Self-Service Kiosk.


Easy access to leave balances, timesheets, expense claims, payslips and more


Customisable kiosks


Employees can update and change their details on their own


Employees can apply for leave online via Zambion


All changes made by staff are date-time audit stamped


Can be accessed via mobile phone, tablets (iPhone, Android), or personal computers

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Zambion’s homepage icons are an excellent way to communicate and are visible each time an employee log into their self-service kiosk. This page can show anything from announcements, automated workflows, forms and outstanding tasks. 

Staff can view and edit their relevant personal details. Individual details can be automatically emailed to the employee or employer when they have been changed, while a full audit history with name, date effective and date stamp is available online. 

The leave area is the most popular in the employee kiosk. Employees can view their leave balances, apply for leave online and even use the calculator in some leave types to project a leave balance at a future date. Staff can simply enter the start and end date of the leave request and Zambion will automatically determine which days are public holidays and off days and not apply Leave on those days.

The employee entitlement interpretation engine displays ordinary and overtime hours and any allowances in the timesheet automatically. At the end of each period employees can submit their timesheet after completing an electronic acknowledgement that the timesheet is accurate. A full audit trail with date stamps of who submitted the timesheet is always visible on the timesheet page.

Staff can then view and print payslips for standard pays, special pays, expense claims and earnings certificates, with up to 7 years of current and historical information available online. Specified Leave balances and year-to-date earnings can also be displayed on the payslips for easy reference.


Employees can view their own roster as well as their department roster (optional) once it has been published. With customisable view options, employees are able to view and print blocks of one to four weeks at a time. The roster also displays any leave that has been approved for the employee and their colleagues.  If permitted they can join vacant shifts via their kiosk to reduce the time administrators spend trying to fill shifts.


Employees can complete expense claims directly from their kiosk. When travelling, employees are able to build a travel itinerary to which expenses can then be associated. Where appropriate, staff will be prompted to indicate if they have the corresponding receipts or other expense claim documentation that can be attached with a simple drag and drop motion. Similar to electronic time sheets, each expense claim is electronically submitted for approval to the appropriate manager. The employee can then follow the progress of the expense claim through its various stages until it is paid. 



Leave Management


With the convenience and power of Zambion’s tablet and mobile app, organisations can create intelligent, functional and flexible leave management that prioritises transparency and backs it up with a bullet proof audit trail. When managers are away on business trips, they can still continue to approve leave requests and approve timesheets from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection! ready workforce supports a truly mobile workforce.


Unlimited number of leave ledgers and leave types


Employees can enter/apply for future leave using our leave “projection” calculator


Advanced leave accrual functionality shows all the detail behind the accrual – how & rate


Leave requests and approvals can be customised based on business processes


7 years of full auditable leave history

Manage your leave with Zambion

The leave calendar shows a full year’s booked and pending leaves in one simple view. When planning leave, staff can see at a glance where leave has already been booked by their colleagues. Once an employee has determined the time they want off is available, they can apply for leave via their kiosk and the request is automatically sent to the appropriate manager for approval.

Customise the leave approval process to match your workflow and approval policies. Zambion can manage anything from staff entering their leave directly into timesheets; to one over one approval where the manager approves employees in their own team;  or more complex models where the manager may recommend the approval to a second or even third-tier approver.

Company policy and enterprise agreements can sometimes dictate that certain types of unused leave will expire if not used within the set timeframes. Zambion can accommodate this requirement by automatically notifying staff beforehand by email (i.e. 4 weeks before expiry) that a nominated amount of their leave will expire. This significantly reduces the amount of time spent on manually managing leave with expiry dates such as alternative leave or time-off in lieu days.

Approved leave, along with the type and duration of leave, is clearly shown on all timesheets and rosters. Colors are used to visually differentiate the various leave items based on leave type, while pending leave is also overlaid on rosters to aid roster planning, making it easy to see if any leave is yet to be approved.

Zambion’s intelligent reporting capabilities provide you with an extensive array of Leave Reports that are packed with relevant and valuable information. Leave reports can include valuation, consumption, exception, movement, cost centre and much more. With ready workforce’s end-to-end solution including time & attendance data, Zambion goes beyond the limits of standard payroll software to make leave reporting more meaningful than ever before.


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About Zambion

Zambion, is a state-of-the-art advanced web based payroll, HR, time & attendance, leave management software that is tax compliant, intuitive, intelligent, and easy to use.