Zambion is an integrated software solution. This means that numerous reports can be produced that combine the various areas of ready workforce such as timesheets, payroll, HRM, leave, and rosters. Being an integrated single solution you only need to deal with one company for support and legislative payroll questions. 

Payroll Software


Zambion’s web-based payroll software is ATO and NZ IRD compliant, intuitive, intelligent, and easy to use.   

One of the most popular aspects of Zambion is how multiple departments such as HR and finance can easily collaborate together.  New employee details like bank account, tax number, pay rate(s), can be entered by HR and set to “double approve”. This means that these key details will not go through to payroll until finance approves this information. ready workforce then date/time audit stamps the details, along with those who entered and approved the details providing you with a strong audit tool.  


Electronic direct crediting to all major banks


Cross reporting between countries and departments or, cross-hire between companies


One-off special/on demand one-off pays


Multiple pay points


Electronic payment slips available online for up to 7 years


No limit to the number of leave types that can be managed

The Payroll Process

Zambion provides mobile app accessibility for your whole business. 

  • Staff can apply for leave, view rosters, manage their timesheet, update their details, submit expense claims, and more while on the go 
  • Managers can approve timesheets, manage rosters, view reports and communicate with their staff between meetings
  • Payroll staff can use the Zambion app to process their payroll, regardless of frequency
  • A truly mobile workforce management solution

As the system gives visibility across multiple departments, physical branches and even multiple countries, security is however paramount in Zambion. Staff can be granted access to only specific areas of the payroll process, or to a specific type of payroll process, whilst managers can be given customisable access and authority over multiple areas of an organisation for wider visibility and control. 

Zambion can easily automate a company’s superannuation contributions based on the staff’s taxable gross income and will increase depending on the staff members’ contribution, until a specified ceiling is reached. The company’s super contribution can also be based on certain pay elements such as ordinary hours, licenses and acting payments, but could exclude overtime and uniform allowances. Zambion’s automation of these calculations makes managing superannuation easy!  

Zambion is able to process an unlimited number of payment and deduction types, including payments to an unlimited number of employee bank accounts. Bulk upload of payments and deductions can be easily done via Microsoft excel. 

Zambion has the intelligence to automatically handle the proration of most payments, allowances, and salary amounts for new joiners. And with its “one-click” termination process that will calculate and prorate the required pay and leave elements the process of terminations is easy. 

Expense Claims

Expense claims are a Zambion customer favourite as it is easy to use, integrates with payroll, app compatible and flexible for employees.



Customisable, multi-tiered approval process


Ability to attach receipts and eliminate manual paperwork


Staff can monitor the progress of their claims online or via email


Mileage, per diems, entertainment, flights, and general expenses


Cost coding expenses

Seamless Integration to Payroll

Ensures the expense claim process matches the workflow approval process of your business. Receipts can be attached to expense claims to eliminate paperwork. Throughout the approval process, employees and approvers are notified via automated emails and homepage icons inside the Zambion kiosk.

Expense claim information can be easily exported to a general ledger or into other third party software.

Zambion simplifies the application of cost and account codes to staff expense claims with a series of built-in expense claim types, custom rules and smart defaults. Finance staff can easily modify the claim and change these details without the original staff member having to change and resubmit the claim all over again. 

Expense claims can run as part of payroll or as a separate process which is completely transparent and auditable. Rules can be applied, for example mileage rates for pre/post tax thresholds. 

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About Zambion

Zambion is a state-of-the-art advanced web based payroll, HR, time & attendance, leave management software that is tax compliant, intuitive, intelligent, and easy to use.