Time & Attendance


Zambion being an integrated software solution provides an experience that is comfortable and automated which provides diverse range from performance management, training, health and safety to reporting to making sure that employees are well informed with our employee communication module.

Roster Software


Zambion offers user-friendly, feature-packed web-based roster software that is easy to use and fully integrated with timesheets, leave management, HRM and payroll.  


Ability to quickly and easily build and modify rosters


User definable/real-time roster rule validation and roster blackouts


Staff finder (populate rosters via SMS messaging and staff availability)


Automated communication of roster changes to staff


Visual - User defined colours for shift, locations, roles, work types


Skill based rostering available

Keep Rostering Simple and Compliant with Zambion

Zambion rosters’ focus on the reality of the day-to-day rostering experience. They are fast to create, can be colour coded and multiple weeks can be viewed on a single page. It has smart drag and drop capability with leave and public holidays clearly marked. Roster changes can be communicated using SMS, email or the Zambion app and can be viewed via mobile phones.

Roster costing can be achieved in ‘real-time’ in conjunction with Zambion’s advanced award/contract interpretation capabilities. Armed with the ability to compare roster costs with budget information, managers can build rosters to a certain percentage of budget or even automatically build the most cost effective roster, whilst still maintaining appropriate skill levels.

In addition to using industry standard secure full strength SSL encryption, unpublished rosters, budgets and roster costings can only be seen and accessed by roster administrators and management staff. You can also limit staff to only see their roster, or their department’s roster. Booked leave and approved timesheet related rosters are locked and cannot be modified unless the leave is cancelled or the timesheet reviewed. Rosters that are in closed payroll periods are marked as read-only and also cannot be modified.

Skill based rostering is an automated way of populating a roster based on the skill level and availability of staff against the roles required such as supervisor skills, first aid qualifications and drivers’ licences. Using the staff finder tool, Zambion matches the staff skillsets against the roster requirements, taking into account staff availability to ensure right people are the right jobs.

Zambion’s staff finder tool helps fill shifts which will provide a list of staff that have the desired skillset, the cost of that person to do the shift (optional), along with their contact details. A SMS text message is then sent to selected staff offering them the shift, and Zambion will handle the yes or no responses, communicating with successful and unsuccessful staff, and the updating of rosters.  

Base rosters are quick to set up and manage the ongoing shifts for staff. They are normally a simple roster pattern applied continually over a rolling 52-week period or until a user specified date is reached. Zambion also has a powerful shift pattern planner tool that allows roster administrators to create anything from simple patterns through to complex overlaid patterns. Zambion offers two types of shift pattern methods; horizontal and vertical, which can be easily combined if required. Simple 4 on 4 off, 6 on 3 off, or 5 on 2 off roster patterns can be easily built and applied, taking into account booked leave.


Timesheets in Zambion are intelligent, functional & very transparent, with all timesheet-related allowances, shift loadings, overtime clearly visible. 


Seamless time clock integration


Leave management


Time data can be sourced from time clocks and rosters, as well as the ready workforce mobile app


Intelligent cost coding


Automation of daylight savings


Automated/manual allowances

Timesheet Features at a Glance 

All public holidays are automatically entered and clearly displayed on the timesheet along with the name of the holiday. When staff work on a public holiday, Zambion will automatically apply the legislative requirements to relevant staff, and will be paid time and a half and/or given a day-in-lieu. Staff can then view their day-in-lieu balance as well as apply for their day-in-lieu through the Zambion leave application process. All day-in-lieu entitlements are clearly audit stamped with the holiday name and date/time of the entitlement.

A key function of Zambion’s timesheets is the approval process. At its base level, timesheets are submitted and approved before being processed for payroll. Zambion timesheets support reasons and approver comments to be entered next to overtime, allowing management to see that overtime has been checked before being paid.

Rosters are shown along-side each shift worked and any variances are calculated and displayed. If staff work overtime, the variance amount will be shown and colour coded. Complimentary reports such as the timesheet versus roster report can be produced to show if shifts are being cut short or budgets are being exceeded.

Zambion timesheets can be easily costed to multiple cost centres. By default, Zambion will set the cost centre from the staff rosters, timeclock location, or the staff member’s home cost centre. Additional cost centres can be quickly and easily entered, and the appropriate hours assigned and costing blocks used. Leave types such as personal and annual leave can also be automatically costed to specific cost centres.

Facial Scanners

Zambion’s facial recognition and temperature measuring scanners are smart, contactless and ensure only visitors or staff with body temperatures within normal range enter your workplace.

Providing an indication of any abnormalities against the entrance requirements set by your organisation, the scanners allow you to dynamically manage your workforce and stay compliant with ever-changing public health directions and COVIDSafe planning.

The scanners are light, easy-to-use, support both face and palm verification, are extremely accurate with speedy recognition, and all come with expert security performance.

Learn more about our facial scanners here.

Contract / Award Interpretation

At the heart of Zambion’s timesheets is the integrated advanced award interpretation engine. Also known as timesheet rules, employee contract rules, or company payroll rules.


Tailored to your company/EBA/industry awards


Real-time award interpretation


Multiple awards on a single timesheet


Automatic calculation in real-time


Rules based interpretation

Award Interpretation at a Glance

Zambion supports time from our time clocks, mobile app, rosters, excel spreadsheets and API. Zambion timesheets will automatically calculate in real-time the applicable ordinary hours, shift allowances, overtime hours and shift loadings.

Zambion supports multiple awards, contracts and EBAs. By default staff are set up with a base award but this can be overridden using roles. For example, staff may work in multiple roles throughout the pay period and each role may be governed by different awards. (i.e. half the day may be working on a forklift, the other may be performing admin duties). Zambion timesheets can easily swap and record these role changes!

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About Zambion

Zambion is a state-of-the-art advanced web based payroll, HR, time & attendance, leave management software that is tax compliant, intuitive, intelligent, and easy to use.